The Gathering Pot

Offering 2 locations to best serve you.

Gettysburg - Under The Horizon, 2650 Biglerville Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Dillsburg - Calvary UMC, 2303 Mumper Lane, Dillsburg, PA 17019

Our mission is to furnish a safe, supportive, and creative environment to provide grief support for children and their families in their loss journey.  Through fellowship, conversation, and art, we encourage the expression of emotions.  We provide a relaxed faith-based environment to learn from each other and build life-long friendships. 

WHAT is CBAG?  Since 2013, CBAG is a no-cost faith-based 
creative arts program designed to help children,  ages 5 to 15, dealing with numerous types of loss.

CBAG does not provide therapy.


Beyond The Horizon is the umbrella under which Under The Horizon serves within it's numerous ministry efforts.  We are humbled and delighted to use our spiritual gifts to provide the below programs for our amazing community.  Each program was founded by Under The Horizon.  We love our community partners and volunteers for helping to make these programs a reality. 

PATCM aims to detail biblical teachings through the demonstration of pottery and the potters wheel. 





Under the Horizon and A/V Solutions, LLC have developed a program to book-end the amazing back-pack food efforts within the Upper Adams community to help eradicate hunger in local families during the long holidays and summer breaks.  
Established in 2016, after seeing an important community need, Blessing Boxes has evolved into a 3-part program.  Blessing Boxes services food insufficient families over the school’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Summer breaks.  These times can prove to be a challenging time for families that are food insufficient.  The Blessing Box program gives children of food insecure families a food box during these long school breaks.  

To Donate To This Effort or To Learn How Your Family Can Receive a Blessing Box:
Please Call - 717.752.4593 or  Email  -






Beyond The Horizon 

Our mission is to provide creative and healing activities in a safe and supportive environment that directly supports the grief journey.  Offering family and adult events.   

Through fellowship, conversation, and art, we encourage the expression of emotions.  We provide a relaxed faith-based environment to learn from each other and build life-long bonds.

The Gathering Pot does not provide therapy.




Blessing Boxes
Children's Bereavement Art Group
Potter & The Clay Ministry

Under The Horizon

Potter & The Clay Ministry

The Flying Fish is a cooperative program by Under The Horizon and The Arc of Adams County.  The name was chosen based on Albert Einstein’s quote “Everyone is a genius.  But if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” 

The Flying Fish will launch in January, 2018 with the goal to help citizens with MH/IDD and their parents/caretakers develop an level of independence and self-awareness.  The program will use activities to improve relationships with a skill-set  for future advancement by encouraging and living the motto: “Help me do it myself.”  The program will provide roots for responsibility and wings for growth.  It will explore events and efforts surrounding needs and wants within the home and community.

The Arc of Adams County provides advocacy, protection, goal setting, education, support services, and diversity celebration for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Under The Horizon (UTH) is a Christian based and community-minded studio specializing in all things creative while inspiring creativity. We believe creativity, in all forms, is necessary for a healthy and fulfilling life.  







Christian-Oriented & Community-Minded Pottery & Arts Studio