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The Gleaning Project

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Received Good Neighbor Award from Typical Life Corporation

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Under The Horizon

 "The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away."  - David Viscott

With her family by her side every step of the way, Cathleen built a studio by faith - believing that every step, every person, and every project is to glorify God.  

The creativity within UTH is a vehicle for community love.  Her heart for the community is evident in all of the numerous outreach activities, for-profit and non-profit partnerships, and donations.    

The Arc of Adams County

Received Opportunity Award from The Arc of Adams County.

Christian-Based & Community-Minded Pottery & Arts Studio

United Way of Adams County


our History 

Received OVR business award In recognition of your outstanding commitment to individuals with disabilities, and your above-and-beyond efforts on behalf of all OVR customers.

2011 - Opened Under The Horizon.

2012 - 1 Year Anniversary.

2013- Began the Children's Bereavement Art Group.  CBAG is a no-cost, faith-based creative arts program.  This program is designed to help children,  ages 5 to 15, dealing with a ANYTYPE of loss.  Events are held bi-monthly..

2014 - Began offering fundraising efforts

2015 - Received the United Way Business Heart in Hand Award In appreciation and recognition of your outstanding volunteer service and commitment to our community.  

2015 - Launched the Potter & The Clay Ministry

2015 - Received the Pick of The County

2015 - Received the business award from the Pennsylvania Department of labor & Industry.  Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.  "Received In recognition of your outstanding commitment to individuals with disabilities, and your above-and-beyond efforts on behalf of all OVR customers."

2015 - Joined Volunteer Administrators Network with the United Way.

2015- Began artist partnership with The Arc of Adams County.

2015 - Joined the Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce.

2016 - Received the Pick of The County - 2 years running

2016 - Began ministry partnership with Sweet Grace Ministries

2016 - Began The Gathering Pot.  The Gathering Pot provides individual events for grieving families and adults on a monthly basis.  Our mission is to provide creative and healing activities in a safe and supportive environment that directly supports the grief journey.   

2016 - 5 year anniversary

2016 -Began Blessing Boxes with A/V Solutions, LLC

2017 - Received the United Way Heart in Hand Award for the work of our Children's Bereavement Art Group.   

2017 - Received the Opportunity Award from The Arc of Adams County. 

2017 - Announcement of The Flying Fish cooperative with The Arc of Adams County

2017 - Opened Children's Bereavement Art Group at a satellite location in Dillsburg

2017 - Received the Good Neighbor Award from Typical Life Corporation

Welcome to Under The Horizon Pottery & Arts Studio, we are glad that you visited us online!  We may look just like any other Pottery & Arts studio, however, we are so much more…We are here to serve by being Faith in Action!  Please read on :-)

We offer a large variety of arts and community events.  We have paint your own pottery that is available anytime the studio is open.  We also offer classes in pottery, stained glass, drawing & painting, and, also offer Paint Alongs. Please be sure to take a look at the services/calendar page page to learn more.  

We make all of our ceramics and finished pottery pieces displayed in our store right here at UTH, just like most other pottery studios…But, Under The Horizon is very different! Why are we so special?  Under The Horizon is a ministry based studio.  We use our creative talents to serve.  We are Christian based and community minded. 

Beyond our lessons we serve our community through 5 ministry efforts.  We work with kids who are grieving from a loss in their lives.  We give creative opportunities to adults that are grieving.  We also provide food to families that are food insufficient during the long school breaks including holidays and summer vacation. We have a mission to assist people with intellectual developmental disabilities needs to become more self-sufficient and we also travel share God’s love for everyone through the use of the potter’s wheel and clay.  Please be sure to take a look at the ministry efforts page to learn more.  

All UTH programming is funded by internal and external donations.  Gratuity, custom orders, and events all help UTH run and maintain it's ministry base and serve the community.  Thank you <3

Click here to see our article in Celebrate Gettysburg.  Thank you for your time.  We look forward to serving you soon.


Under The Horizon