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"UTH is a place I find peace and comfort.  From the moment I walked in, I became a part of an amazing family.  Your talent is what you want it to be. Your projects are about you.  They give you all their attention if you are in a class and the community outreach is contagious!" - Joann S.

Looking for a special gift?  Our in-house Pottery & Art Shoppe is full of hand-made pottery.  ​Not only will you find everyday wares like mugs and bowls but you will also find one-of-a-kind faith filled Christian pieces.


Katerina Spangler

- Pottery Assistant

Pottery & Art Shoppe

Meet Our Team


This statement of faith is on behalf of the owner of Under The Horizon, Cathleen Lerew.

Jesus has always been present in my life. In March of 1999, as an adult, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Since this day, my desire is to live my life for His Glory has deepened. As a dedicated wife and mother, my family is led by my God-fearing husband. We raise our children in a faith-filled environment. My/our business workings are grounded in His teachings. Where we never claim to be perfect, we are human and we try our best. I pledge to hold the highest Biblical code of ethics in my transactions. It is my ambition through Under The Horizon and our ministry efforts, to treat my customers, students, employees, and volunteers with the utmost respect and integrity.

“Having the boldness and confidence to stand up in a crowd and make a statement about the things we believe in can often be very difficult, particularly if by doing so we may face ridicule or persecution, as is the case in many countries where freedom of expression and religious belief is opposed or forbidden. Here in North America making such a statement will inevitably drive some away, but it will also attract others who share the same faith or belief or, at least, respect the standard that such a statement expresses.” (Shephard’s Guide)

Under The Horizon and its activities, as directed by owner Cathleen Lerew, try to model behavior, words, and actions in line with the laws and principles of the Kingdom, taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ. To conduct business with the highest of integrity and moral standards means that the customer has a level of assurance that they will be treated with fairness and equity in the same spirit and attitude of love and care that our Lord expressed. We openly make the studio accountable to this divine standard and request that the community hold us to the standard.



Community Members

- Dedicated Program Volunteers



Ministry and Outreach Based Pottery & Arts Studio

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2650 Biglerville Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325



Cathleen Lerew

 - Owner, Lead Potter


Under The Horizon  

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At Under The Horizon, affectionally known as UTH, you will be immersed in the creative arts before you even set foot in the building. From the inspirational murals painted on the walls by summer campers to the hand painted signs and decorations that adorn the building, it's creativity at first sight. Once inside, you will be surrounded by samples of student and professional creations in all stages, what a better way to adorn this artistic wonderland than art itself? Grab a marker and write your favorite quote on the wall of the studio and settle in among the quotes already inscribed there as you work on your own creations. There's an artist inside everyone, and this eclectic environment will help bring that out in you! 

Here to Serve


Under The Horizon (UTH) is a ministry/outreach based pottery and arts studio.  We specialize in all things creative while inspiring creativity by offering pottery lessons, community programs, DIY walk-in activities, in-house finished pottery store, creative party and fundraiser options, educational field trips, and special classes and camps.  

As an award winning studio, we welcome all ages and abilities.  We believe creativity, in all forms, is necessary for a healthy and   fulfilling life.  
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Jennifer Norman

- Paint Along Instructor